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Welcoming Lorna to the SnowBugs Nanny team!

SnowBugs Private Child Care and Nanny Service are pleased to introduce you another of our lovely SnowBugs Nannies. Covering La Tania and the Courchevel and Meribel Valleys this winter will be Lorna! Lorna was highly recommended by her previous employers and also by friends within La Tania so she starts the season with SnowBugs Nannies as no stranger to the team. Just some of the lovely things we have been told include:

"Lorna has a sunny, pleasant disposition that enabled her to be adored by the children and she still is at present day. Lorna joined our family 2 weeks after our son was born and when our daughter was 22 months old. It was a challenging time for our family and and I found Lorna to be an immense help. Our daughter was going through several toddler milestones and Lorna was happy to assist with hurdles such as potty training, toddler tantrums, correcting speech and grammar, manners, learning the alphabet and numbers etc. Lorna seemed genuinely interested in the development of the children and was proactive in trying to help with any issues that arose and helpful with suggestions. She is intelligent and also very creative and artistic which helped to keep the children amused and having fun."

Lorna has worked for the last 5 years in child care with roles as both a live-in and live-out holiday Nanny in some fantastic places around the world. So after loving her summer season in Hossegor this year so much, Lorna wants to continue her adventures in France and has decided to spend her winter in Courchevel. With a fantastic background in child care and glowing references we welcomed Lorna to the SnowBugs Nannies team with open arms.

Lorna has cared for children with all sorts of backgrounds and all ages, often dealing with difficult situations such as reflux in new-borns, blind and deaf children and youngsters with Autism.

Lorna also has A-Levels in Psychology, Economics and Law, a BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and TEFL teaching certificate! On her list of things to achieve in France are snowboarding for the first time and learning French.

Lorna Says:

Originally from rural Oxfordshire, I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked in France, Portugal, Spain, Austria and London with families as a Private Nanny.

I’m really looking forward to working as a SnowBugs Nanny this season in the 3 Valleys and can’t wait to be on the mountain making sure your family have the best holiday. I love to ice-skate, build snow people and whip up spectacular hot chocolates after a busy day in the snow!

During my years as a professional Nanny I have worked closely with children spanning the whole age spectrum from new-born to pre-teen; coming from a large, close family I have a lifetime of extra-curricular experience from nieces, nephews and cousins. I am often commended for my creativity, kindness and positive energy.

Lorna is an enhanced DBS check EFL teacher, is trained in Paediatric First-Aid and is fully insured, like all SnowBugs Nannies who you can see on the website here.

Some of Lornas’ loves include yoga, cliff jumping, paddle-boarding, spending time outdoors and reading. I am sure you will agree that she is perfect Nanny for your holiday and we are all proud to say she is part of the SnowBugs team this winter. We can’t wait for you to meet her!

To enquire about booking with Lorna please just complete the short enquiry form or call me (Tayla) on +44 7908 748 262 / +33 616 973 601

See you here in the Alps soon :) xx


Please welcome our Meribel Nanny Caroline!

Please give a warm welcome to our new Nanny for Meribel, Caroline! We are very excited to have such a professional, passionate and experienced Nanny on our SnowBugs team. Caroline will be our full-time Nanny in the Meribel Valley of the 3 Valleys, France covering all resorts from Meribel Mottaret to Meribel Les Allues and everything in between!

Caroline has joined us at SnowBugs Nannies as she wishes to follow her dream of doing a winter season in the snow. With such a big passion for working with children and snowboarding, the opportunity to be a Nanny this winter with SnowBugs was one she just couldn't miss.

So, Caroline will be taking a break from her career of being a Midwife and Health Care Visitor in her homeland of Scotland to combine her loves in life and be our Nanny in Meribel this year!

Previously Caroline has also set up her own local community groups to help parents and children learn more about healthy eating, physical activity and oral health. Using her extensive knowledge of child development, fun strategies that can enhance children's development and focuses on their individual abilities, this has been a huge success.

But there's more! She is also trained in infant massage and various parenting programmes, is a trained nurse with specific Paediatric First-Aid training, has an enhanced DBS check and is fully insured.

Caroline says:

Most of my working life has revolved around children and families. My background is in nursing, midwifery and health visiting which means I have worked with children and parents for all different backgrounds and cultures.

I have travelled a lot on my own and with other people. I have travelled as far afield as Australia and backpacked on my own across the length and breadth of Thailand. Now I am excited to be moving to Meribel in the French Alps this winter to combine my passion doe snow sports and working with children and families that can provide me with a more fulfilling lifestyle.

My loves include snowboarding, paragliding, the great outdoors, cooking and travelling.

Caroline when she was a wee baby!!
And it’s not just us who think she is fantastic and perfect for your family… Everyone has such lovely things to say such as:

"I have found Caroline to be loyal, dependable and always willing to help and offer advice. She is a very calm and patient person who is ideally suited to working with children and young people. She is honest, trustworthy and reliable and committed to the service she provides. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality childcare. She genuinely loves children and thoroughly enjoys being around them and interacting with them. It will be a great loss to us here and we will miss her dearly, but our loss is your gain. The Mums and children that she serves in this community will feel the loss also, she has tremendous attention to detail and really goes out of her way to provide a good service"

Would you like to book with Caroline for daytime care or babysitting during your Winter holiday to Meribel this year? Just complete the short SnowBugs contact form and I will be in touch! Of course if you would prefer to call me just dial +44 7908 748 262 or +33 616 973 601 and I will be happy to help you.

Please get in touch quickly if you’re interested in Christmas and New Year week as Caroline is the very last Nanny available for Meribel!

And don’t forget we also have Nannies covering the Courchevel Valley and La Tania! Click to see all our Nannies on our SnowBugs website!

Also see information on Meribel and what to do when you get here...

See you here in the snow soon! 


Say hello to Daphnée our SnowBugs Nanny!

We are excited to welcome our first French Nanny, Daphnée, to the SnowBugs team this winter. You will find her in the Courchevel and Meribel Valleys caring for little SnowBugs, or in La Tania where she lives with her partner Tristan.

I met Daphnée first on a personal level and thought she was fantastic, so when she applied to work with SnowBugs Nannies I didn’t need to think twice! I would describe her as a caring, fun and patient person with great experience of Nannying both professionally and personally. And of course no-one could know the mountains of the French Alps better than someone who has spent the last 10 years living there!

Daphnée Says:

I was born in Lille in Northern France but moved to a little village in the Alps near Annecy ten years ago with my family. I love the mountain lifestyle, the fresh air, being surrounded by nature and all the outdoor activities especially the skiing and snowboarding in winter.

I have always loved looking after children from 16 years old when I would do a lot of babysitting on weekends and holidays. I have been a Nanny for children aged from 2 months to 10 years old. I lived in Australia for a year and worked as an Au Pair there for three months. I became fluent in English but more importantly spent my time looking after Harry (7 years) Max (5 years) and little Chloe (2 years). We had a great time playing in the park, in the pool, painting and colouring and cooking.

I have a passion for travel and other cultures visiting Thailand, Canada, the Caribbean and Indonesia in the last few years, although I always miss my family when I am away. I always try to go back in the North of France to see the rest of my family at least once a year.

I love animals having grown up around cats and dogs and am trying to convince my boyfriend to get at least 2 of each!

Daphnées’ loves include going snowboarding in the Three Valleys of the Alps, hiking up the mountain, cooking, travelling and of course animals. Fingers crossed Tristan agrees to all the pets!

Daphnée skiing when she was a little one!
Some of the lovely things previous families have told us about Daphnée include her being of such a very kind and sweet nature, honest and peace-loving and importantly dependable and reliable. Everything you would hope for in your Nanny this winter. For ideas on other things you should think about when booking a child care take a look at our 10 Questions to ask before booking a nanny this winter blog post. 

We’re really happy to have her on the SnowBugs Nanny team and wish Daphnée a fantastic season in Courchevel and Meribel doing what she loves most in the snow.

Are you interested in booking Daphnée to join your family on your winter holiday? Just complete our enquiry form here and I will be in touch! 

You can also take a look at all of our Nannies here on the SnowBugs website. 

See you very soon in the snow everyone!

Tayla x


10 questions to ask before booking a Nanny this winter

At SnowBugs Private Nannies we understand that deciding to book a private nanny is a decision that won’t be taken lightly, so one of the many roles we have is to put your mind at rest. You need to know you can trust the Nanny we have chosen to care for your little ones for the week. It’s vital to know we are responsible, acting safely on the mountain and all the while having a fun time – you’re on holiday after all! But how do we do it? And how do you know we are the right choice to make?

Let me explain by suggesting and answering the top 10 questions that need to be asked before you make that all important decision…

    “What level of experience will our Nanny have?”
A pretty obvious question I know, but a very important one. Now of course not every Nanny comes with a degree in child care, 20 years’ experience and a fountain of knowledge after raising her own children… But we want to get as close as possible. Why shouldn’t you expect Mary Poppins to turn up? After all, we do specialise in child care, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask….

SnowBugs answer = We can tell you all about each Nanny personally…

We have Nannies with varying levels of experience. Just a few examples of our 2014/2015 winter SnowBugs Nannies are one being an experienced midwife and health care visitor, one who has worked the past 5 years as both a live-in and holiday / seasonal Nanny and one who is the manager of her family-run Pre-School back in the UK.

You’ll get to know all about your Nanny before you arrive (see question #2) and you can check out the Nannies on our website 

    “When can we meet our Nanny?”
Some kids aren’t phased at all with new people. Some children are totally freaked out. And parents want to know exactly who will be looking after their precious little ones before heading out for the day… Will your Nanny be around to meet up before care starts? Will you get a chance to see what they are like before leaving your children with them for the day?

SnowBugs answer = When you’re all together as a family…

We understand how important it is for you and your child to feel safe and a familiar face is one way to make sure the first day is stress free. SnowBugs promises to let you know exactly which Nanny will be with you for the week before you even arrive. Pictures, profiles and information on your SnowBugs Nanny will be sent to all parents and we welcome questions with open arms – whether it’s you asking how long I have known the Nanny or your kiddo asking if their Nanny will also be into Peppa Pig and playing at the park!

Plus, we promise to arrive at your chalet earlier on day one so everyone can meet and chat before the day starts. Your child trusts you infinitely and if you’re happy, they are. And if they are we are. And if you are, we are. And if… Well, you get it…

    “How do you know you can trust this Nanny to care for my child?”
So they’ve got experience and you know the basics. Even still you will be making a huge decision based purely on a representative’s information from the company offering the Nanny services. What has been done to ensure the Nannies are in fact suitable and trustworthy?

SnowBugs answer = We check and check again with all Nannies joining our team…

Every single Nanny working with SnowBugs has to provide proof of Paediatric First-Aid Training with their certificate, a completely clear DBS or the equivalent police check and a minimum of 2 references. Every Nanny has training to ensure they are 100% clued up on every situation. As we are in such a unique environment I need to make sure everyone is the best and nothing less.

I don’t look for Nannies that just want to come and party all season too. Of course, it’s what most seasonaires come out here to do, but as we’re dealing in such sensitive and caring work where eyes must be on the ball the entire time, I look for people who are serious and professional about their career as a Nanny. As I live in the 3 Valleys full-time I have the added advantage of being recommended brilliant Nannies and sometimes even know them on a personal basis, spending time together throughout the summer and on previous seasons.

    “What activities will our Nanny do with my child or baby?” 
For most we are the children’s holiday. It’s a huge responsibility – knowing that in years to come they’ll look back on that week and the Nanny will be a massive part of that memory. Or should be… Yes there is ski school which is going to be brilliant fun for your little skiers and boarders but what about afterwards? Is that it? Time to go back to the crèche or chalet and sit tight waiting for Mum or Dad?

SnowBugs answer = We aim to deliver tired children at the end of every day…

We’re in the mountains!! There is snow, woods, parks, play-areas, hot chocolate dates and bum boarding, amongst many, to be getting on with! There isn’t time to be lazing at home in our eyes. Free bus connections throughout the Courchevel and Meribel Valleys mean we can go off exploring and have lots of fun in the fresh air. You booked a holiday in the mountains and we’ll make sure that’s what your child gets!

Now sometimes it is a particularly freezing day and a little someone has very, extremely, reallllly tired legs. So what do we do on the times we are going to be in the chalet? Well, each SnowBugs Nanny comes equipped with a rucksack of toys, arts and crafts, books and games to keep every age satisfied. One thing we promise NOT to do is plonk them in front of the TV with a DVD or let them loose on the iPad; unless you have requested this of course!

Check out our Meribel and Courchevel resort pages for some information on what goes on locally!

    “What is your availability like?”
Especially important for half term weeks! What happens when you’re trying to speak to a chalet company and work that around the child care whilst waiting for ski school to call back and your transfer company to confirm airport times?! Do you book in just in case the space goes? Have they even got space on the dates you require?

SnowBugs answer = We’ll let you know every step of the way…

We usually let everyone know when weeks are getting busy to give you a heads up before we’re full, especially the known hectic weeks. Also, as we’re growing rapidly we have expanded once again to allow for even fuller diaries this winter. If you’re not ready to book at that exact moment as you need to speak with other members of the group or your other half, we get that! We’ll give you the option to go ‘on hold’ for a few days and contact you straight away if the week is getting busy. When you’re tied-up we’ll give you a chance to get in touch as we know you can’t drop everything as soon as SnowBugs calls… We want to help you, not pressure you into making one of the biggest decisions of the holiday.

Even with all this half term weeks can get booked a whole year in advance. So we have a waiting list where we note down what you’re requirements are (or might be) for the following year and then get in touch before we open the diaries to give you first choice.

Send us an enquiry form to take the first step in securing your SnowBugs Nanny.

    “What will happen if my child is upset or distressed in your care?”
A skiing holiday in the snow might just be the first time you’ve used a Private Nanny Service. Perhaps you’ve got a toddler who is at the peak of separation anxiety. You could be travelling with a family whose children are used to care whilst yours isn’t and doesn’t feel as excited as them...

SnowBugs answer = Cuddles, distractions and calm

First off we will ask you to complete an information form on each of the children we will have in our care. This way we can get a heads up if you know your little one is likely to feel out of their comfort zone and we can make an action plan. Also, we promise to arrive at your chalet earlier on the first day so they can see we’re friends with Mum and Dad and we are safe. Everyone can play together and we’ll introduce ourselves as a new friend for the week getting started with play time straight away! But sometimes in a time of distress all it takes is a snow plough or digger to drive past the chalet window and it’s far too exciting to ignore and all is forgotten. Handily there are a lot of these hanging round the mountains!

Have a look at our family holiday tips page to see how to start your holiday right.

    “What do you do if there is an accident or an emergency?”
As a parent you know how quickly accidents can happen and they’re bad enough when you’re in the comfort of your own home, let alone whilst you’re skiing over in the next valley and it could take a while to get back. You need to feel safe in the knowledge that your Nanny can handle the situation with the right skills and action needed to care for the most special thing in your life.

SnowBugs answer = Apply our skills

All of our Nannies are trained in Paediatric First-Aid so will know exactly what to do in any emergency situation. We’ll have extensive first-aid kits (complete with Moshi Monster plasters) with us at all times too but if there is a serious accident we will apply our first-aid skills immediately and contact the emergency services. Now not all of our Nannies are French but all SnowBugs Nannies will be taught the vocabulary needed in an emergency so no time is wasted with a language barrier. And not to forget the kind and caring nature of our Nannies who will make your little one feel comfortable and safe after the shock of an accident, no matter how big or small.

    “How flexible are you?”
It’s a beautiful day with clear skies and there has been a fresh layer of snow over-night… Today is going to be epic! But you’ve only booked your child care until 2pm...

You just don’t want today to end and that Apres bar looks enticing…. Nope, your Nanny is only staying until 4pm today…


SnowBugs answer = Completely

To us it’s obvious that you may not know exactly what times you need every day 5 months before you arrive. Or maybe you know exactly what works for you. Either way we can cater to what you need. We’ll ask for a rough guideline or at least a number of hours to book with us and when you have an idea of the plan just let us know. If you decide that you want an extra couple of hours today but tomorrow it’s time for a lie in we can jiggle things in the diary so you can relax.

    “Will the Nanny be dedicated to our family for our holiday?”
For the most of it your Nanny will be a huge part of your child’s holiday and it is important that they have a fantastic time and an amazing experience in the mountains. But how much is your child a part of your Nannies week?

SnowBugs answer = We’re all yours

We are your very own Private Nanny Service which means when your Nanny is booked to be with your family, that’s where she will be and with no one else. You and your child and their brothers, sisters, cousins and friends can rest assured that we will give you all our full and undivided attention.

But as I’ve mentioned, we are very flexible so that’s not how it has to be… Sometimes we have two little ones on their own that might like to make a friend that week and everyone wants the same time… We could offer our Nanny Share option during this time where one Nanny looks after yours and another families children and they have fun filled days all together as new BFFs! And that doesn’t mean any crèche style care – just an extra friend to come and play for the day :) 

    “Why should I choose SnowBugs Private Nannies over other companies?”
What else do we offer, or not, that sets us apart?

SnowBugs answer =

    We won’t charge more for peak weeks
    You don’t need to book daytime care to have babysitting
    Benefit from our full time booking discount to save a minimum of £60*
    We don’t use a large, impersonal crèche
    Nannies are all mature, experienced and professional
    This will be our 6th year in the mountains and we’re only getting bigger!!

Have you got another question suggestion for parents booking their child care? Tell us in the comment box below!

Or is there something else you wanted to know? Why not visit our FAQ page?

Or perhaps you want to ask a specific question? Email me directly at OR complete our enquiry form.


*When booking in more than one child for care. Normally every child after the first is charged at £1.50 per hour extra. When booking 40 hours + a second child can come and play for free!!


What’s the latest for SnowBugs?

Great news! We have now opened all of the diaries for child care with SnowBugs for winter 2014/2015!

Some of the important dates we have already noted down are:

Sunday 14th December – SnowBugs is officially open (along with every lift in the 3 valleys!)

December 20th – January 4th is the Christmas and New Year school holidays.

Wednesday 24th December is (obviously) Christmas Eve… but as it’s a Wednesday it could be the day off for your chalet hosts… It’s best to check with your ski operator or chalet company on this and book your babysitting in immediately - we’ve only got 4 spaces left!

February 14th – 22nd is the Spring Half Term school break

March 28th – April 19th is Easter Half Term – Check your local area for when schools will be closed for your family

Monday 6th April – La Tania Charity Family Fête! This year In addition to the 3 Valleys Charity Day event there will be a family based event held in La Tania village during the day. There will be games and fun things for the kids (and parents!) to do so if you’re here that week try and keep some time free that day to join in the fun. See you there! You can get all the latest here 

Wednesday 8th April - 3 Valleys Charity Day in Méribel Village

We already have limited availability for half term weeks; as usual things get crazy very early on for these weeks in particular… Get in touch now for the last spaces for New Year’s week and the first week of Easter especially.

Some families have been lucky and already secured places for February Half Term week but I’m afraid we don’t have any day time care left now.

BUT don’t panic because we DO have babysitting times available for all of these weeks so you can still have a great evening out with the adults. Make sure you get in there quick! As you don’t have to secure a whole week with us to book an evening of babysitting (we just ask for a minimum booking of 4 hours) you can imagine we get VERY busy rather quickly. 

For winter 2014 / 2015 you will be pleased to hear we will have some returning nannies – once we’ve got everyone sorted and all the things in place that we require nannies to have to work with SnowBugs (like a DBS check, paediatric first-aid training and insurance) there will be a big announcement where you will be able to (almost) meet them all!

And whilst we’re on the subject of big announcements…

Our brilliant Nanny Della unfortunately won’t be returning this winter…. Instead she will be off having a brilliant time…. With her very own little SnowBug…!! So pleased to say she is expecting her first child with husband Stevie!! Félicitations!!! I just can’t wait to meet the lovely new baby and wish all three of you lots and lots of happiness xx

So, to enquire about booking a nanny for your little ones during the winter please just complete our Child Care Enquiry Form. It will ask a few details on your stay and give you a space at the bottom to write any questions or specific needs you might have. Please be as detailed as possible so I can get to know exactly what your needs are and how we will be able to help you on your holidays.  

But if you would prefer to chat on the phone you can reach me on my UK number which is +447908 748 262 or French mobile on +33 616 973 601.

Maybe you’re not even sure where in the 3 Valleys you will be staying yet!? We cover the whole of Méribel, Courchevel and La Tania so wherever you go we can help! If you need any recommendations we should be able to help with that too as we’ve got lots of chalet friends across the valleys featured on our SnowBugs website.

And don't froget that you can keep up to date with everything going on at SnowBugs by visiting us on FACEBOOKTWITTERPINTERESTGOOGLE+ or our WEBSITE

Tayla xx


Our 5 favourite places to shop for Back to School wear

It’s quite handy to be able to pop to the supermarket and grab the kids new uniform on the way really… But perhaps on a hectic weekly shop after school with 3 not so impressed offspring in tow it’s not what you fancy doing. So having the option to shop online is fab – especially when you can grab other essentials like lunchboxes and stationery too.

You can opt for the free click and collect service instead though for ultimate efficiency points - try everything on then and there and make any exchanges and reorders before you leave!

George also do a Slim and Plus Fit range so there is something for every shape and size meaning you can do everyones shopping in one hit. + 10 more efficiency points!

It’s worth pointing out the Hello Kitty range too. It really is quite sweet; subtle enough for school wear but enough Kitty for your daughter to love it all! You never know – maybe it’s less likely to get ruined if it’s her new favourite dress….?

Another supermarket so really handy for you super busy Mums and Dads! I’m also quite a fan of TESCO anyway; I have always been impressed with their clothes.

Prices start at £2.50 which is pretty hard to beat… You’ll be surprised to hear then that they offer one of the best guarantees on their items. Every single product promises to be… (ready…?) Stain and scuff resistant, permanent pleat, non-iron, anti-crease, stain resistant, reinforced at the knees, super strong at the seams, colour shielded, machine washable with an adjustable waist AND genuine leather / 100% cotton! Crikey! For £2.50 it’s worth seeing what your kids can do to it!

More efficiency points up for grabs too as they also offer an embroidery service; select your school from the drop down list and personalised items will appear. If your school isn’t on the list you can nominate them to join – they might just go for it when they learn that 5% of all sales get donated back to the school! So far over £220k has been donated just for shopping with TESCO.

AND you earn Clubcard points. Brilliant.


For a slightly fancier experience you should visit Marks and Spencers. I say this only because (queue cheesy saxophone…) ‘This isn’t just a school uniform range, these are pieces from the M&S School Uniform Collection….’ So perfect for your fashion conscious school goer. (And not forgetting the funkier ‘Senior Collection’ for teens).

But they do have things like Ink Resistant pockets, STORMWEAR+ to resist mud and oil, heat-sealed buttons and seams, Fresh Feet which is an antibacterial finish on sports socks and Adjust A-Hem Trousers so you can unpick and alter easily, to back up their fanciness. Plus you can tumble dry everything...

They also offer a name tape service so each purchase might make it back to the kids wardrobes rather than the lost property bin more often… And personalisation doesn’t stop there; like TESCO you have an option to find your school and buy directly through them.

Go M&S!

If I thought M&S was fancy. Well. Clarks has an all new ‘iPad fitting experience’ for kids which is sure to keep them entertained throughout! All you need to do is stand your child on the space ready machine, an expert shoe fitter will measure their feet perfectly with the digital measuring device which then sends all the information to the iPad! I think the only disadvantage here is that it’s for kids only…

Have a look at the RockNRollerBaby Blog to see what they thought!

So kids are happy. But you get a little something too… With every purchase you’ll receive a 20% off voucher to spend on adult footwear (and bags!!!) over £39.99. Thank you very much Clarks!

They also offer free delivery to store but you can opt for free home delivery and you are promised free returns. With 110 styles to choose from you’re bound to find the right shoe for your little one. I’m guessing the only thing you’ll be returning is yourself and the kids!

John Lewis      

They have over 80 years’ experience in children’s school uniforms so they must know what they’re doing by now, surely. It does sound like they do…

Most items are Teflon coated which means they dry quicker and repel oil, water and stains. Knitwear and sweats have been treated with Novozyme which resists pilling and colour fade. Tights and socks are made from a special blend of fibres to generate heat using body moisture. And not to forget that all of their trousers and skirts all have an adjustable waist.

They have also teamed up with Clarks and Start-Rite so you can get the best from every department. Not only that, they do PE kit, dancewear, cricket whites, swimming gear, stationery and everything else the kids could possibly need.

John Lewis also work with over 350 schools to provide the personalised service too and you can even click and collect from a John Lewis or Waitrose store. Sounds good to me!

Where is your favourite place to get Back to School gear? Have you found a hidden gem somewhere!?

Happy Shopping! 

Tayla xx


3 Valleys Charity Day 2014

This year SnowBugs will be helping as much as possible with 3 Valleys Charity Day. We’ll offer a donation to the overall collection of €200 plus we’ll be hosting the SnowBugs Kids Zone (open between 12.30pm and 3.30pm) on the day which is held in Meribel Village on 9th April. All of the proceeds made on the day go straight to two specially chosen charities and everyone involved has volunteered their time, services and donations to make the total raised for 2014 the best yet.

Myself and Heidi will be looking after things in the SnowBugs Kids Zone and we’ll have lots of exciting activities for all the children to do (and Mums and Dads!). Come and see us for face painting, bouncy castle fun, hula hooping, arts and crafts and more! We will also be a safe place for children to come to if they get separated from their parents or carers on the day. Just come and visit us (look out for the big Kids Zone banner!) to show the little ones what they need to look for if they do find themselves on their own and we'll look after them at this meeting point and make sure everyone is reunited. 

La Tania Charity day itself started in the year 2002 after seasonnaire, Dan Provost, lost his mother, Pat, to cancer. He decided with the backing of the community to set up a fitting day to remember his mother and raise money for cancer. A committee was set up and voted that the money raised should go to the two chosen charities and have done ever since! Every year has just got bigger and bigger and 2 years ago was moved to Meribel Village and renamed 3 Valleys Charity Day due to the huge success of previous years. 2013 was the best so far with over €20,000 raised overall. Well done everyone!

I am pleased to be so involved in raising money for the charities ‘Sebastians Action Trust’ and 'Ligue NationalContre Le Cancer'It’s no wonder why…

  •      The Sebastian’s Action Trust was set up after The Gates family who visited La Tania often lost their 11-year-old son to cancer. They have since raised over €1,000,000 with charity dances, walks, meals and the generosity of the public.  The money raised is to go towards homes for children that are seriously ill with cancer, where they can spend quality time with their family. €55,000 that La Tania raised as a community went to building the Sebastian’s Action Trust house which was finished in 2011. La Tania were invited to the opening and an inscribed glass brick has been placed in the building thanking La Tania for its contribution.

  •       The LNCC has been working hard since 1918 to research and prevent cancer, ultimately searching for a cure. They also offer support to people suffering from the disease or who have been affected by it even standing as a spokesperson for patients and families to promote their rights.

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We’re all really excited and proud to be involved in such a great day and I’ll keep you posted on how this year turns out… but I have a feeling it will be ‘Next Level’!!

Tayla xx