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First Snowflakes

The first snowflakes are falling in the UK! The air is filled with children’s laughter, screams of joy and pure excitement.

Far away in the Ski resort of Courchevel, France, is a Buggy Snuggle friend, waiting for the fun to start:

Soon this peaceful winter wonder land with its magical white forests and frozen lakes will change. On the 4th of December those lovely men and women in their black and red uniforms will press the start button to the world of fun we have missed for 7 months; the ski lifts will open!

Within a few days this secret world of fairytales and glittery snowflakes will turn into the most fun, exiting and exhilarating world for skiers and snowboarders. Much like in England now, there will be children’s laughter echoing from the side of our beloved mountains. Parents returning from a hard day of skiing, with panda-like sunburns and wobbly legs are showing off big smiles and rosy cheeks.

But what do the children do with the parents having fun all day?

This is where SnowBugs appear, to colour in your picture. Every morning SnowBugs nannies brave the cold and make their way to chalets all over Courchevel and Meribel. Bags full of toys are placed on the side for indoor playtime in the afternoon. First we need to make sure those big eyes are looking at us, when mum and dad leave. We are wearing colourful uniforms with a cute little SnowBug to get the children’s attention. I have seen the odd crocodile tear, but as soon as mum & dad are out of sight something magical happens: The tears stop and those little feet come tapping over to the nanny. That little person, full of expectations and curiosity is ready to be our friend...! We are very excited and looking forward to another great season introducing children to the fun world of snow and making the parents holiday as care free as possible!

Of course we need to make sure everyone is dressed for the occasion, so make sure your child is equipped with the right winter boots, snow suits, hats and gloves, warm and waterproof is the theme here! You should also bring sunglasses or mini goggles to protect their precious eyes from these strong UV-rays reflecting of the snow. Should you bring your own pushchair, make sure it is nice and warm. If you feel you may need to top up the snuggle factor of your pushchair, you may be able to use one of our fun and clever Buggy Snuggles during your stay in the mountains.

This article is written by Nadine Saar at SnowBugs private nanny service in Courchevel, La Tania and Meribel

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