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Exciting times for SnowBugs...

This year we welcome three lovely new nannies to the SnowBugs team; Della, Claire and Carol. I’ll be returning and I'm already looking forward to seeing some of the children I looked after last year and going on more adventures! Della, Claire and Carol are all familiar faces in the Alps and have a lot of experience around the resorts looking after little ones. Both Della and Carol have been nannies in the La Tania ski resort and Claire is a Mum to three children herself and lives in Méribel during winter so knows it very well!

For me, this year will probably be a little different… I loved working with Nadine and the other SnowBugs nannies last year and couldn't wait to return for another winter season. Then, I was approached by Nadine with the prospect of a little promotion. Nadine, her partner Lol and (very cute and teeny) dog Neeka had made the decision to settle in Cornwall and she presented me with the opportunity to take over the running and management of SnowBugs Private Nanny Service! I knew straight away that I had to do it and was instantly excited at the thought of representing and managing such a fantastic company whilst still interacting and looking after children. SnowBugs is growing so much and with such a delicate area as child care I wanted to ensure it didn't lose the brilliant reputation and caring, professional service that Nadine had so successfully created; with my passion for caring for children of all ages teamed with my previous management and career experience I knew SnowBugs was perfect for me.

For SnowBugs this means there will be a few changes and improvements:
  •               I will be in resort all year round so you’ll always have a contact nearby
  •              We have expanded into Méribel with Claire heading up the area with help from our other nannies
  •              Availability for evening hours/babysitting has increased
  •              Some brand new toys are on their way ready for winter 2013/2014!
  •              You can be kept totally up to date with resort news and happenings

 Visit to see our official announcement and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest. Look forward to seeing you there! 

And of course, we'll see you in resort in the next few weeks; only 3 more to go until the Courchevel and Méribel lifts open!! :)



I am Nadine, the proud founder of SnowBugs private nannies and have enjoyed offering this fantastic service to all our lovely customers over the past years.
I have been lucky enough to have spent many winters in the French Alps with several wonderful nannies having worked alongside me, making Mums, Dads and above all, children happy!
So, with a happy tear in my eye I announced that the wonderful Tayla-Elise is from now on the new Mummy of SnowBugs!
I have chosen a new path for my life, settling in Cornwall.  I strongly felt a role which involves the safe guarding of children and leading a team of nannies has to be filled from within the ski resort where Tayla now lives full-time.
Tayla worked as a SnowBugs nanny last year and showed a degree of dedication and passion for the job which was far beyond the call of duty. Tayla presented herself as the most keen and passionate out of all potential candidates and I am honoured pass SnowBugs into her capable hands. During her first season, Tayla will be working in close contact with me so I can pass all knowledge on to her.
I am wishing Tayla and all you SnowBugs' parents a wonderful first season together and a bright future with many happy little SnowBugs!  

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