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Please welcome Carol...

Another of our lovely nannies Carol will be new to the SnowBugs team too this year. But she won't be new to Courchevel... For the past 2 years Carol has worked in La Tania; first as a chalet host and then promoted to head nanny where she looked after a team of nannies, coordinated their week and made sure everything was running smoothly.

Previous to this Carol has been very busy being, well, everything you'd want in an ideal nanny really...

All SnowBugs nannies come to you having been fully trained in paediatric first-aid, however in 2013 Carol trained to be an Ambulance Community Responder which means in an emergency where an ambulance isn't able to reach you quick enough she would be on call to attend and offer life saving help. Having such a person work with us is a privilege and as a parent you can be certain safety always comes first and help is immediately on hand. For 16 years Carol worked with children ages 3 - 11 as a primary school teacher in Hampshire (where she lives now between winter seasons), and overseas. Alongside this Carol has also cared for and organised a family including 3 children with her husband, John!

Carol trained in Reflexology and Acupuncture 15 years ago and has been doing this as a part time venture ever since, offering treatments at home and in the workplace. Carol will be offering this on
some evenings and days off this year as well as Claire who is a Shiatsu Therapist offering Hot Stone Therapy. If you'd like to contact them about this extra service please send me an email and I'll put you in touch!

You can see more about Carol on our website:

You will find Carol in La Tania, Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650 and Courchevel 1850 this year and occasionally over in the Méribel Valley during busy times. If you would like to send an enquiry about child care with any of our nannies please do so by completing the enquiry form on our website at

We can't wait to get started now with just a couple of weeks before the lifts open in the Three Valleys! Carol, myself and the rest of the SnowBugs Nannies can't wait to see you here soon.

Tayla xx

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