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November with SnowBugs...

Believe it or not, it’s December! Surely I’m not the only one thinking – where did 2013 go?! It’s now less than a month ‘til Christmas and just a few days until Courchevel and Méribel open their lifts for winter 2013/2014… Let’s just take a moment to catch up on November…

The first thing that’s on everyone’s mind is the absolutely epic snowfall we’ve had already here in the mountains! This year Courchevel opened the Verdons and Saulire lifts for one day only of totally free skiing on 23rd November – thank you Courchevel! :) It was a brilliant (and very busy!) day and I can report back that we are well and truly ready for everyone to arrive! Already there is plenty of powder off-piste and perfectly groomed runs waiting for you across the Three Valleys.

Having such a lot of snow so early is brilliant news and sources say this one will be a fantastic winter; which as you can imagine is having a huge impact on bookings for the season so far. It may only be the beginning of December but we really are getting full! Most of our half term dates have already been taken and off-peak weeks, especially toward the start of the season, are becoming increasingly full. Don’t delay in getting your child care booked; your skiing/boarding time on your winter holiday can’t be compromised with having to miss out to care for the little ones. Let us help you make the most of your time away by completing our enquiry form today here –

In November we welcomed Carol, Claire and Della to the team who will be arriving in December ready to have lots of fun looking after all your little SnowBugs. They are all really excited to return to the Alps and for Claire this will be her first full season in Méribel; as you can imagine we’re literally counting down the days! It’s easy to spot the SnowBugs Nannies; just look out for our colourful SnowBugs hats! We’ll all have our pink and white striped hats (courtesy of Invert Headwear) - Della will have a yellow bobble, Carol a purple, Claire blue and I (Tayla) will have light pink. If you haven’t yet seen all about our lovely new nannies have a scroll down through older blog posts and you’ll find everything there, or visit our website!

SnowBugs has added a few more things to the toy bags this year; we’ve got some tea sets for high tea and cake, lots more bum boards for sledging adventures, a play mat especially for our younger SnowBugs, enough colouring, paints and arts and crafts to re-decorate the chalet and lots more! This is something we’ll be improving upon every year and we’ll keep you up to date with what’s new. As you know SnowBugs don’t use things like iPads or DVDs to entertain the children unless you request this so it’s important for us to have lots of things to do to keep them happy, engaged and distracted from all this technology - but ideally, we’ll be outside having lots of adventures in the snow!

We’re really excited to see you here in The Alps from 7th December and can’t wait to meet all the new and returning SnowBugs for lots more fun! See you soon :)

Tayla xx

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