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5 reasons why we love being nannies...

It was pretty hard to narrow it down to just 5... But here are our top 5 reasons why we LOVE being a nanny in the snow!

1. An excuse to play in the snow
Skiing and snowboarding just can’t be compared to bum boarding – the buzz and adrenalin rush from shooting down the hill sitting on that little plastic spade is amazing! So when we get to take the children out we’re more than likely way more excited than them! And then we get to build a snowman too!? AND have a snowball fight?! Best day EVER!!

2. Our second job
Our overall aim is to ensure that your children have a fantastic holiday. But let’s not forget why they’re enjoying a week with SnowBugs – YOU. You’re on holiday and it’s up there with the most exciting times of the entire year. You work hard and plan ahead so everyone can have a great time in the Three Valleys and to help you to do that is a pleasure every time.

3. Della says…
“When I was a nanny for the same children in La Tania for 5 years it was great seeing the kids grow up and to be a part of their family. As a private nanny for holiday time you get to have so much fun and give them some great holiday memories”.

4. Cuddles
Who doesn’t love a good cuddle?! Well I definitely do, that’s for sure. Nap time can get a little boring… After tidying the toys up, having a few coffees (maybe a bit of cake too!), filling our daily log sheets in for you…. well… then what? Queue countdown ‘til nap time is finished and we can gently wake up the little ones and have a big squeeze before we play all over again. One of my favourite times of the day!

5. Children can learn from us
Teaching the children a new word, helping them colour in the lines, going over ski lessons, telling them the French translation for dog, teaching them a joke, explaining why for most things… All of it has an impact and knowing you’ve helped, even a little bit, is so rewarding. Who knows; maybe one day they’ll be an Astronaut and you were the one who got them excited building that space ship from a toilet roll tube!?

Tayla and the SnowBugs Nanny Team


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